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Indian bride calls wedding off when she sees groom chewing gutka

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A bride in India’s Uttar Pradesh state has reportedly called her wedding off after she saw her groom-to-be chewing gutka, a move which she found off-putting. 

 According to local media reports, the bride’s family had completed all the preparations for the wedding and were eagerly waiting for the groom and his family to arrive. 

However, when the barat arrived and the bride saw her groom-to-be chewing gutka, she put herself in a bad mood and refused to marry the man.

The woman’s parents tried to calm their daughter down but she remained firm on her decision and refused to accept the gutka-chewing man as her husband. 

Once the wedding was called off, it left a bitter taste in everyone’s mouths, after which all the gifts that the families had exchanged on the occasion were returned. Consequently, the barat also went back.

Such cases are not isolated in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Earlier, another incident took place when the groom got drunk and insisted the bride dance with him. At this, she got upset and called the wedding off. 

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