Friday, June 18

Angel Henry talks of his Songs and 2022 budget

Angel Henry

Angel Henry have made efforts in releasing some tracks he intends to use as promotional material that will increase his fans base and song sales in the music industry market. 

Angel Henry Tap out.

His recent album for non commercial usage was “Awakening” Elevation LP which was immediately after the Elevation EP which was unable to be released on digital platforms due to copyright issues from the beats producers. However the songs didn’t get abandoned as it is being released as non commercial on social media as advised by the digital studio.
Angel Henry only feels a low fan base on the point that waiting for natural streams are. It effective but rather advertising. His advertising expensive during his first album starred at $100 and yeilded up to 9000 streams, 6 subscribers.

The estimated budget to exposé all the Angel Henry tracks by his record label is above $1,000 of which he has scheduled to start in January 2022. 

The artist will also budget for his merchandising and label establishment into a company for more revenue and expansion. The aim is to create employment opportunities for more entertainers.


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