Tuesday, June 15

Charlotte Flair has a message for her critics

Most of the WWE Universe loves to be critical of Charlotte Flair. It’s impossible to look at social media when Charlotte Flair is on WWE television and not see hate for the former 13-time Women’s Champion.

In an era where people still argue if kayfabe is alive or dead, it’s crazy to see how much heat an individual can get by playing their character too well.

Charlotte Flair was a guest on the second season of Straight Up Steve Austin on the USA Network, which gave the WWE Universe a look at the real woman behind the character. Still, people choose to ignore the evidence and continue to be critical of her.

In response to all the hate and criticism she receives on a daily basis, Charlotte Flair took to social media today to tweet a positive message of motivation to all of her supporters.

“Not everyone deserves to know the REAL YOU. Let them criticize who they think YOU are. *praying hands emoji* *diamond emoji* *heart emoji*,” Charlotte Flair tweeted.

The WWE Universe is highly critical about Charlotte Flair’s creative direction

While some in the WWE Universe argue that it’s not Charlotte Flair they have an issue with, it’s the creative direction the company gives her instead.

While that might be true, all of the hate and criticism should be directed towards the creative team and not The Queen herself.

It would help if you remembered that these performers are not to blame for it, and fans shouldn’t vent their frustrations at the performers.

Charlotte Flair lost her match on WWE RAW last week against Asuka after Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley interfered. Despite the loss, it seems like The Queen is very much involved in the title picture and could end up being the challenger for Ripley’s throne at the upcoming Hell In A Cell pay-per-view.

Do you think the WWE Universe mistreats Charlotte Flair due to her character? Or is it more about how WWE books her? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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