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Paul Heyman says Aleister Black ignored him for seven months

Paul Heyman has claimed that returning WWE Superstar Aleister Black has “ghosted” him for the last seven months.

The latest episode of WWE SmackDown saw Apollo Crews defend his Intercontinental Championship against Big E, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. The finish to the match saw Black hit Big E with his Black Mass finisher, allowing Crews to pin the New Day member.

Heyman co-hosts SmackDown post-show Talking Smack with Kayla Braxton. While accusing Crews of knowing about Black’s return, Heyman revealed he has been unable to reach the former NXT Champion since October 2020:

“This thing about ignoring Aleister’s involvement… bulls***,” Heyman said. “I’ll tell you why. I’m envious, and the reason why I’m envious is because I’ve been reaching out for Aleister Black for six, seven months now. I had ideas for Aleister Black, I had plans for Aleister Black. Ghosted me, couldn’t reach him. Disappeared, poof, thin air.”

Watch the video above to hear former WWE personality Dutch Mantell (f.k.a Zeb Colter) review SmackDown with Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Rick Ucchino and Kev Kellam.

Apollo Crews responded to Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman and Apollo Crews
Paul Heyman and Apollo Crews

Apollo Crews looked on course to lose his Intercontinental Championship after Big E hit him with the Big Ending. Commander Azeez then pulled the former Intercontinental Champion out of the ring to ensure his ally did not lose the match.

Speaking to Paul Heyman and Kayla Braxton, Crews did not elaborate on Commander Azeez helping him keep hold of his title. He also dismissed suggestions that he had anything to do with Black’s return:

“There is nothing to admit,” Crews said. “What are you asking me? There is nothing. He did not answer your [Paul Heyman’s] calls, your texts. Maybe his phone is broken. I can’t speak for the man. All I can speak for is myself and this [the Intercontinental Championship].”

Apollo Crews also claimed to Paul Heyman that he “blacked out” after Big E hit him with the Big Ending. When he woke up, Crews said his music was playing and the referee raised his hand.

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