Saturday, June 19

Your Thursday Briefing – The New York Times

Israel and Hamas will most likely reach a cease-fire agreement within the next two days, according to a senior Israeli official familiar with the negotiations and two others who corroborated the account.

The cease-fire under discussion would begin with an end to all Israeli attacks on Hamas infrastructure and facilities, as well as a halt to rocket fire from Hamas at Israeli cities. Israel is also demanding that Hamas stop digging attack tunnels toward Israel and halt violent demonstrations on the Gaza-Israeli border.

The agreement would come after strong urging from the international community, including the U.S., Germany and France. Officially, Israel has denied the existence of negotiations or the imminent signing of a deal, but that may be a tactic designed to put pressure on Hamas by showing that Israel does not fear further escalation.

“I was surrounded by death”: When rescuers in Gaza pulled a man and his 7-year-old daughter from the rubble after an airstrike, he awoke to a new life — one without his wife and four other children.

“A day of total freedom is both an opportunity to connect with your individual self and helps foster feelings of empowerment, which is a powerful antidote to the helplessness that a lot of us have felt during the pandemic,” said Jodie Eisner, a clinical psychologist. “It expands your recently narrowed comfort zone by reminding you that you’re capable and independent.”

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