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How to build an efficient farm in Minecraft

Farms are almost essential for a sustainable Minecraft playthrough. These beautiful and simple structures provide an infinite amount of food, without the player having to kill any animals.

This article takes a look at a technique that will allow for the most efficient harvest while saving the most space.

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How can players build an efficient farm in Minecraft?


Shown: The efficient farm viewed from above (Image via Minecraft)
Shown: The efficient farm viewed from above (Image via Minecraft)

One of the most efficient farm designs is the 9×9 farm.

This design covers the most area with fertile land (for one water block). Players are recommended to first place the water block before tilling the dirt four blocks out in all four directions (up, down, left, right). The player can then till the rest of the square, which will look like the image above.

If surrounded by fences, this design will require an area of 11×11 blocks.

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Shown: The efficient farm seen at night (Image via Minecraft)
Shown: The efficient farm seen at night (Image via Minecraft)

After building and tilling the 9×9 farm, players are now ready to plant their crops.

Many players are unaware that crops grow faster when they are placed in alternating rows. As seen in the image above, each row is a different crop (wheat then potato). This allows for faster growth than if the whole farm had the same crop.

Players are also advised to have Beehives or Beenests around their farms due to the bees’ pollination effect. This effect works similarly to bonemeal, growing a specific crop at one stage of growth. Bonemeal is also recommended for faster crop growth.

Players can also automate their farm with dispensers. However, that will require its own tutorial.

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