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GoodRx looks to consumer education with purchase of health video company HealthiNation

Prescription price comparison platform GoodRx announced today it has acquired HealthiNation, a health education video producer, for an undisclosed sum.

HealthiNation operates an online library of informational video content covering a range of health topics – from chronic condition management to nutrition and fitness.

GoodRx said the acquisition will further its mission to provide consumers with healthcare savings by giving them the information needed to make critical health decisions.

“We are always looking for ways to accelerate our vision of being the leading consumer digital health platform,” Doug Hirsch, co-CEO and cofounder of GoodRx, said in a statement. “The acquisition of HealthiNation aligns with our effort to invest more in research and content to empower consumers, and propel even faster growth in our Manufacturer Solutions offering.”

GoodRx will also be adding HealthiNation as a part of its Manufacturing Solutions business, where drug manufacturers offer consumer savings options in return for advertisement. The HealthiNation acquisition gives drug manufacturers new ways to reach their target audiences.


As technology continues to advance, so does the opportunity for patients to educate themselves on their health. Between the internet, their own health records and a range of health information platforms, today’s patient has access to knowledge like never before.

When patients are armed with accurate information about their health, they can make better use of their time with healthcare providers, make more informed personal health decisions and ultimately use the healthcare system more effectively, in turn reducing the system’s expenditures, according to The Journal of Nursing Research.

In fact, studies show that patients who are well-informed and receive their preferred treatment have better outcomes and higher satisfaction.


GoodRx’s M&A history includes its acquisition of HeyDoctor, which led to the creation of its virtual care platform GoodRx Care, powered by HeyDoctor. The primary care platform lets users see board-certified clinicians on the cheap, with most visits starting at about $20.

Last year proved to be a busy year for GoodRx, with highlights including its initial public offering, the launch of its telemedicine service price comparison tool, its lab testing price comparison service launch and an expansion of its telehealth offerings for subscribers.


“We couldn’t be more excited to join GoodRx, the leading marketplace for consumer healthcare in America, in its effort to improve health outcomes and make healthcare more affordable for everyone,” Michael O’Donnell, CEO of HealthiNation, said in a statement.

“Consumers and pharmaceutical manufacturers appreciate and trust our expert-created health videos because they are easy to understand and a safe platform for valuable health information and guidance. As part of the GoodRx team, we will be able to pair our videos with the company’s high-quality editorial content to deliver best-in-class information directly to millions of consumers across a growing range of subjects and topics.”


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