Tuesday, June 15

Your Friday Briefing – The New York Times

A surge in new coronavirus cases in Europe is being propelled by a variant known as B.1.1.7, first seen in Britain, which is not only more contagious than the original virus, but deadlier. Thousands are dying each day, and European countries’ battered economies are once again being hit by new restrictions on daily life.

Other variants of concern are also present in Europe. B.1.351, the one first detected in South Africa, has been found to reduce the effectiveness of some vaccines, while P.1, which has walloped Brazil, appears to be especially contagious and also contains a mutation that diminishes the vaccines’ effectiveness. Our interactive shows how the variants have spread across the continent.

Lawmakers in continental Europe were slow to react to the rise of B.1.1.7. In late January, President Emmanuel Macron of France defied calls from his scientific advisers for new restrictions. Now daily cases have doubled, hospitals are swelling with patients and Mr. Macron has imposed a third national lockdown.

By the numbers: Over six consecutive nights of violence, 55 police officers were injured and 10 arrests made.

“Love is a slippery and intangible thing,” the novelist Celeste Ng writes in an essay for The Times.

It’s captured in moments both striking and ordinary: parents driving an hour and a half to visit children and replenish their fridge; a young couple riding a motorbike at night; a sleeping child surrounded by toy dinosaurs.

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