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Spanish mobile network Yoigo launches telemedicine service Doctor Go

Spanish mobile operator, Yoigo, part of the telecommunications MásMóvil group brand, has launched a family package telemedicine service for its customers.

At €6 per month, the Doctor Go telemedicine service offers video-consultations with family doctors and specialists, as well as telepharmacy services for electronic prescriptions and the delivery of medicines.


Available from last week on Android and IOS platforms, the service covers two adults and all children within a family unit. The initiative aims for immediate round-the-clock medical care, which includes a chat platform with specialists, access to the more than 40,000 professionals in the Quirón network, booking of COVID-19 testing and electronic prescriptions with shipping delivery of medicines, with discounted courier costs.

The initiative also provides wellness services, offering consultations with specialists in nutrition, personal training and psychology. Yoigo also plans to provide access to face-to-face care through its agreement with the QuironSalud group.

Albert Castells, CEO of Spanish health insurance provider, iSalud told MobiHealthNews: “I think [the initiative] has all the ingredients to be successful because they have achieved something new. Its value proposition covers both the immediate need of the users allowing them to get an answer in two clicks from different specialists on your smartphone, and also to have the best medical offer in all the country.  

“They have done that by onboarding specialised partners such as the leading Health Group in Spain, QuironSalud and the leading eHealth specialised company, Meetingdoctors. And it is a matter of fact that MásMóvil is a success case in Spain, and has all the knowledge, brand and customer database to make this project a great success.”


The WHO recently praised telemedicine services for showing promising progress in helping those with chronic conditions during COVID-19. Through the Simple app, WHO and its partners in India have increased the use of telemedicine to offer consultations and prescriptions via phone.


Castells told MobiHealthNews:  “We all have noticed and understood the value of telemedicine and its use and penetration in the market has been increased due to COVID-19. That allows citizens to have more access than ever to telemedicine services, so they have tried and now they are willing to use it again.  

“Telemedicine services have been led by the private sector over the public sector so far. Specifically, health insurance companies, health and care providers started offering these services, most of them through partnering with specialised companies such as Meetingdoctors, that provide them the technological solution and the online medical team in a white label model. Other ehealth players are directly offering B2C solutions. 

“After the arrival of COVID-19, more companies from different sectors have approached the digital health market. Telco, banking, utilities, pharma are some interesting examples.”

MobiHealthNews is a HIMSS Media publication.  

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