Sunday, May 9

Music had a tough year in 2020 — but this band managed to thrive

Christopher Booker:

Despite a year in standstill, a world without tours, concerts and crowds, the Black Pumas somehow managed to be seemingly everywhere. On Late-night television. The inauguration of president Biden and most recently, the Grammys.

Formed in 2017 in Austin, Texas the band’s breakout started with an unexpected Grammy nomination for Best New Artist category last year. Rolling Stone reporting at the time that the band had only sold “23,000 combined physical and digital copies.” While Billie Ellish would take home the Grammy, the nomination announced the national arrival of the Black Pumas.

But the arrival unfolded in way that neither founders, Eric Burton, the lead singer nor Adrian Quesada, producer and band leader, could have imagined.

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