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Malaysia’s first Health Passport, Immunitee formally accepted in Singapore

In collaboration with Affinidi, a global investment firm headquartered in Singapore, Malaysia’s Immunitee Health Passport will become the country’s first health passport allowing tourists to be accepted into Singapore upon being verified and cleared via the Affinidi’s Unifier digital credential platform. Immunitee functions as a blockchain based health passport, built on a highly secure end to end vaccine registry management system which provides a common vaccine tracking system integrating private and public healthcare systems. This health passport system was developed with the aims to provide travellers with a digital record of the full testing and vaccination history, allowing for a smoother, more pleasant and quarantine-free experience when travelling amidst this COVID-19 pandemic. 

How it works
The Immunitee Health Passport provides a clear system containing personal immunisation records as well as vaccine data, helping to verify the authenticity of COVID-19 tests and vaccines. This aids in the facilitation of clearance for travellers at border health checkpoints whilst ensuring that the medical data is kept secure throughout the entire blockchain process. 
Governmental authorities or other organisations such as national healthcare facilities, immigration systems, hotels or universities would only be able to access the individual’s information by scanning a secure QR code. This QR code can only be unlocked using a private “key” that belongs to the user and contains all the pertinent testing and vaccination information about that person.

The larger trend
Governments all over the world are scrambling to obtain or develop a COVID-19 vaccine and successfully administer it to their citizens. At least 7 different vaccines across three platforms have been rolled out in countries all around the world as of 18 February 2021, with the most vulnerable populations in each country being accorded the highest priority for inoculation. 
Additionally,  Bahrain has already launched the world’s first digital COVID-19 “ vaccine passport”. This application will provide information pertaining to an individual’s immunity status as well as an official certificate with the account holder’s personal details and the type of vaccine received. 

Following this, it is likely that countries would slowly begin to make plans to reopen their borders to travellers whilst putting in place stringent measures to ensure that these travellers have been vaccinated before entering the country. Inevitably, a health passport system similar to that of Immunitee would have to be developed in order to facilitate the regulated screening of travellers. As such, a digital unifier platform like Immunitee would gain international recognition and Immunitee could work towards helping to synergistically complement the authentication process of the platform for these other countries. 

On the record
“Immunitee can be quickly deployed and provides a single Vaccine Registry Management System that unites private and public healthcare systems while simultaneously protecting confidential patient information,” Datuk Dr Nick Boden, Chief Executive Officer of Immunitee mentioned. 

He added that “The future of travel in a Covid world means that travellers will be required to show proof of Covid-19 testing as well as a vaccination history, and the Immunitee Health Passport provides an end-to-end platform for users.”

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