Tuesday, June 15

Ahmed Ahmed Khodary gets million dollars deal with AAhr

Aahr is technology company newly established in West Africa, Nigeria. Recently it’s media department for publishing and copyright have signed a new act for an undisclosed amount. analysis prediction reaches million dollars in exact estimate should be 4 million dollars.
Ahmed Ahmed publishing

Aahr have breifed a summary of the artist. to release more information on the deal soon below..

Ahmed Ahmed Khodary with Full name Ahmed Ahmed Emad ELDin Mohamed Khodary is an Egyptian male singer. Born  30th September1988 He obtained a Ph.d Degree In humanity in year 2020. He is also a Poet, Author.
He has books of  “Poems And Wise Quotes including 13 Arabic Poems” He did his first studio recording before the audio then went viral and wrote his first part at age 18 years old published on www.poetrysoup.com. Added more works in 23 or 24. Then turned to a paid singer.

His doctorate Degree is in In humanity honorable doctorate from Prixton Church & University: http://www.prixton.org in October 2020, he is a tall person and public figure. He became a famous poet after publishing his first arts book and sold out eight copies.

Copyright: Aahr


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