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Former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas comments on NXT/AEW conflict

Former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas has commented on the ongoing “Wednesday Night Wars” between NXT and AEW, saying the numbers are “getting a little closer.”

During an appearance on The Wrestling INC Daily Podcast, the veteran WWE referee said he has been keeping a close eye on both AEW and NXT, but that he is more drawn to NXT as a product.

Here’s what Jimmy Korderas had to say on the Wednesday Night Wars:

“It’s going to be interesting. I think the numbers last week showed that maybe something is connecting here.” “It’s getting a little closer. I like the fact that both shows are presented differently. I don’t want to sound like I’m tooting one horn over the other, but the style that NXT presents is a style that kind of resonates with me as an older wrestling fan, and I know that AEW appeals to a younger audience, a younger demographic.” – WrestlingINC

Jimmy Korderas says the AEW/NXT Wednesday Night War is “over done”

While Korderas was adamant that both shows are offering impressive wrestling viewing experiences, and that he enjoys watching them both, he would be quick to note that he feels the conflict between the two brands is “over done.”

He would go on to say that, logically, wrestling fans could forget the competition between the two and simply watch both shows at different times, given that they are both aired at the same time live.

“And it doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy what I see when I watch them. I enjoy it differently, and with both products, there are some things I see that I say, ‘I wish they would have done this. I wish they would have done this a little differently,’ and so forth. That being said, I think them continuing on their own paths [and] staying in their own lanes as opposed to trying to copy… I think this whole ‘Wednesday Night War’ thing is over done. Can’t we just enjoy both? I know they’re on at the same time, but in today’s technologically advanced era, you can watch both, maybe not both at the same time.”

AEW has defeated NXT in weekly viewership figures for most weeks over the past twelve months. However, the numbers have been close many times, and the Wednesday Night War remains a key talking point for many wrestling fans.

Published 01 Mar 2021, 00:38 IST

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