Thursday, May 6

The Best Fashion Instagrams of the Week: Cardi B, Marc Jacobs, Lizzo, and More

It was the weekend of love, everyone; the grand ole holiday of Valentine’s Day came and went last Sunday. The most extravagant display of tenderness came from Marc Jacobs. The designer posed in his office that was strewn with balloons, several bouquets of roses, and a giant teddy bear. His quote said it best. “My home office is filled with LOVE, balloons, roses, a giant Teddy Bear, and me dressed head to toe in RED. My husband and I take certain holidays very seriously.” Lizzo, who showed off a lace red dress that was trimmed with black fur, was also clearly in the V-Day mood. She even outfitted the look with a matching garter belt.

Kerwin Frost has been up to his shocking sartorial tricks again. The host and menswear street style icon stepped out in a purple fur hat and a matching velour Adidas track jacket. He also opted for the It girl-approved shoe of the moment: a pair of UGGs. We love a dude who can pull off the classic sheepskin look.

Arca has been wearing some interesting footwear, too. While playing the guitar, the artist wore a sky blue Ivy Park sweatsuit along with a pair of hulking Margiela Tabi boots. And speaking of Ivy Park, Reese Witherspoon has been getting into the Beyoncé merch action, too. She posed in a box wearing a metallic brown puffer coat next to her pug dog.

Cardi B’s week was full of looks, first showing off in a pink, Barbie-fied look courtesy of Balmain, and then heading off onto a yacht while wearing a chain bikini and dress that is made to mold the body, by designer Natalie Fedner.

Finally, love is blooming between Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox. The actress uploaded a selfie of the duo backstage in sweatsuits. She wore a red incarnation with fur slides, and her mohawked beau opted for a blue plaid version with white unlaced Doc Martens. That’s not the standout moment, though. Machine Gun Kelly’s necklace holds a vial of Fox’s blood. Trends always come back: Then-couple Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie did this back in the circa Y2K day.

Here, see the best fashion Instagrams of the week.

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