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Here’s how #PawriHorahiHai inspired Indian police

LUCKNOW: Seems like Pakistani social media influencer Dananeer Mobeen’s fame is nowhere pausing anytime soon as police in India’s largest state announced a new crackdown against late-night parties inspired by Dananeer’s #PawriHoriHai video.

A young Islamabad-based blogger, Dananeer achieved popularity when a satirical video she posted on her Instagram account went viral, prompting people across social media to recreate her signature accent when she says: “Yeh hamari car hei aur yeh hum hein, aur yeh hamari parrrty horahi hei [This is our car, this is us, and this is our party].”

Uttar Pradesh Police tweeted on the night of Valentine’s Day about its new crackdown against late-night parties, using the #PawriHoriHai hashtag.

“Late night #PawriHoRahiHai aur aap disturb ho rahe toh call karein 112,” UP Police wrote, which translates to: ‘If you’re being disturbed because of a late-night party, then call 112’.

The emergency helpline number ‘112’ was launched as a pan-India service by then-Home Minister Rajnath Singh for citizens to avail immediate police assistance, Economic Times had reported in February 2019.

The young influencer’s video has been re-shared thousands of times across social media platforms like Twitter, while celebrities from the Pakistan showbiz industry, such as actor Saba Qamar, and sports scene, such as former cricketer Wasim Akram, also recreated it in their own style.

Interestingly, Pakistani bowler Hasan Ali also recreated the #PawriHoriHai video last night after the Green Shirts won a three-match Twenty20 International (T20i) series against South Africa.

Earlier, India’s leading YouTuber Yashraj Mukhate also composed a song on Dananeer’s video, garnering over close to 4 million views. “A big shoutout the pawri girl @dananeerr,” he wrote.

The Pakistani influencer’s original video, in which she took a dig at “borgors [who] visit northern areas”, has also fetched a whopping 3.1 million views.

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