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Wedding trends reflect changing ceremonies | Features/Entertainment

The weather outside is frightful. There’s no denying that. With all of the sleet, snow, freezing rain, and frigid temperatures, it’s easy to forget that spring really is just around the corner. For most of us that means warmer weather, sunshine, and outdoor activities. But, for brides across the area, that means it’s crunch time. Plans will need to start shaping up for those spring and early summer weddings, while it’s time to really start making final decisions on those late summer/early fall ceremonies.

Brides to be might find planning a wedding in the age of COVID a little more difficult than brides in prior years. We have certainly seen all sorts of celebrations this past year, with drive-by birthday parades, graduation parties, and even virtual Zoom wedding ceremonies. While the actual act of getting married has changed a bit, one thing remains true: brides (and grooms) want their big days to be special. They want them to stand out from the others but still be trendy and modern.

Wedding trends are just like any other trends. They stick around for a while then fade out with the next big thing. With things like social distancing and limited guests, brides have to get creative. Outdoor weddings are more popular now and we will continue to see more of them in the wake of COVID. They’re an easy way to still have your guests in attendance in person, while trying to follow all the guidelines in place.

Since outdoor ceremonies are growing in popularity, brides are opting for more informal options when it comes to wedding attire. A quick Google search of 2021 wedding dresses will show an array of more streamlined silhouettes and lots of lace.

Becky, a bridal consultant for The Rose Tree Boutique in Ceredo, mentioned that due to the more informal ceremonies this year that brides are opting for more boho styles, with lots of lace and more fit and flare type dresses than the Cinderella styles of years past. That’s not to say ball gowns are out altogether — they do remain a classic that will never go out of style.

Brides of the past have opted for lower necklines and sleeveless gowns, while brides of today seem to be leaning more towards higher necks and even sleeves. Styles such cap sleeves that just cover the shoulders or three-quarter lengths that stop mid forearm and for some, even bell sleeves are growing in popularity.

Lara Clagg, owner of Lara’s Bridals and Formals in Ashland, said she has seen a lot of brides-to-be swaying toward the flowing and fit-and-flare gowns for their big days, but agrees even the classic ball gowns are still prominent.

“I think even with COVID and everything that’s been happening, people still want their perfect dress,” she said. “Yeah, a lot of people are going for the flowing skirts, or a boho style, but the Cinderella dresses and the long trains are still being bought too because that’s what people want for their special day.”

It appears that most designers have caught on to the outdoor boho vibes, too. David’s Bridal, a popular shop among brides, features an assortment of designers, including Vera Wang; who’s probably one of the most sought-after designers among brides to be. While her line still featured the more classic princess-like dresses, it also featuring more casual, easy-going looks. These are still formal wedding gowns, just not the type we are accustomed to seeing in church and chapel ceremonies. These dresses are perfect for outdoor events, since they are a bit more scaled down and much easier to maneuver around in during an outdoor reception.

Dresses are just one part (albeit a big one) of a wedding, however. Brides need to also focus on a color scheme, while somehow incorporating it into their groom and groomsmen’s attire, their bridesmaids, and even their reception. For the groom, tuxes are still a popular go to, with lighter colors taking place of the traditional black. Brides can easily add their colors to their groom’s attire by way of ties or even boutonnières. According to the website, a mix of greens, purples, and even modern black make up some of the trendiest wedding colors for this upcoming season. Dusty roses, classic blues, and jewel tones are also popular. If you’re on the fence, you can’t go wrong with mixing up jewel tones and greens for a fall wedding, but if you’re opting for a spring or summer ceremony, nothing can beat a dusty rose or berry pink. Just because the upcoming wedding season may look a little different than what we’re used to, it doesn’t mean that brides can’t have the wedding of their dreams.

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