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Ninja has his say on who should be the next Fortnite Icon 

Ninja, via a recent stream, has announced his pick for the next Fortnite Icon. Ninja believes that SypherPK should be next in line to have his own skin in the 100-man Battle Royale.

Streamers like Ninja and SypherPK have been hugely responsible for the success Fortnite has overseen since its inception.

Epic is aware of the impact these streamers have had on its player base. It’s why the devs announced the Fortnite Icon Series to reward these content creators for their constant effort and support.

As of now, Ninja, Loserfruit, TheGrefg, and Lachlan have been a part of the series. Fans of SypherPK have been discussing the possibility of the American YouTuber bagging his own skin for months.

Sadly, the answer remains shrouded in mystery. If Ninja’s words are to be believed, SypherPK stands ahead of other renowned streamers that are waiting in line for their own skin in the game.

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“Sypher. I mean… if I had…. I mean… I feel like Sypher is just… I feel like it should be Sypher if they’re gonna keep doing more just because he’s done so much for the game. I feel like, respectfully,” said Ninja.

Lachlan, however, sided with Lazarbeam as his pick. Lazarbeam is another household name in the Fortnite community who has contributed to the game’s success over the years.

SypherPK vs Lazarbeam: Who gets his own skin in Fortnite first?

It’s important to note that SypherPK has been one of the most consistent contributors to Fortnite’s success.

Not just that, the “Trap King” is also one among a handful of streamers who has been streaming Fortnite regularly.

Both Lazarbeam and SypherPK have had a tremendous impact on Fortnite, but SypherPK has played an instrumental role in sustaining Fortnite’s player base. This has been an uphill task recently.

The American YouTuber also paved the way for the comeback of fellow streamers like Ninja and NICKMERCS. The two had gone on a long hiatus to stream other prominent titles on the internet.

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Lazarbeam, on the flip side, is very close to quitting Fortnite. He has made statements regarding this on several occasions. This should make it easier for Epic to make a call.

Until there’s an official word from the devs, this is mere conjecture.

Published 06 Feb 2021, 18:31 IST

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