Wednesday, June 16

Bluey becomes first children’s album to top ARIA music charts

The Bluey album was released on January 22 and features 17 tracks, all of which are original compositions from Bluey’s first season. It was composed by Queensland Conservatorium alumnus Joff Bush, who is best known for composing the music for the hit TV show.


“It hasn’t sunk in yet,” Bush said. “But I’m very gobsmacked. I just feel very appreciative to all the fans and everyone who helped make the album. It’s just amazing. I guess this is what a pop star [feels like].”

Bush said he suspects the songs resonate with people because music has been an important part of Bluey ever since it first hit TV screens in 2018.

“Joe Brumm, the creator and writer, is such a music fan,” he said. “We have really long discussions for each episode. What it’s about, what’s missing, how we can support the story arcs. It’s very detailed.”

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