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One business is making sure music will continue to play in the Wabash Valley

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) — Staff at a Wabash Valley business are tuned in to make sure music spreads through the air during this pandemic. Repeat music in Terre Haute gives new life to old instruments and is dedicated to making sure the music doesn’t stop playing here in the Wabash Valley.

When the pandemic first hit the shop doors had to close.

Which meant, for a time, the staff wasn’t able to bring music to the community. That thought frightened the owners.

Co-owner Kelly Fallon said, “That was a scary time, to shut down for a month and not know what was going to happen.”

When repeat music re-opened its doors to the public Fallon said she didn’t know what to expect.

She told News 10 since the re-opening business has been slow.

However, she said in the repair department they’ve been pretty busy.

Fallon told News 10, “Because a lot of people who are stuck at home now and they cant go out and socialize, they actually said ‘oh I’m cleaning out my house I found my own clarinet I think I want to pick my clarinet up and play.”

She said many people right now are using their free time in a productive way.

One of those ways is picking up their old instruments.

However, Fallon told News 10 that’s not the only reason people are wanting to play more.

Fallon said, “We’ve also seen a lot of parents, with the e-learning at home, the kids are learning their instruments at home so the parents are like ‘well I used to play the trumpet let me go and get my trumpet fixed up.’ and they’re finding it as a way to interact with their child and help their child with the e-learning.”

Fallon said because of all the repairs coming in, and how the shop now operates, the business is surviving.

The shop offers more telephone services to better pair customers with instruments they’ll come to love.

Looking ahead into the future Fallon said she can’t wait to attend concerts again.

She told News 10 the Wabash Valley has a history of music, and as long as the shop doors stay open, she’ll make sure the music continues to play.

For more information on Repeat Music, you can click here to go to their website. 

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