Wednesday, June 16

Sacramento Kings deliver New York Knicks ultimate fashion burn

If you are a fan of the Sacramento Kings and high fashion, then this is your moment to enjoy the internet.

The Kings and New York Knicks face off Friday night in Sacramento, and both teams will wear their City Edition uniforms. For the Kings, that means wearing black uniforms with a touch of red and blue, a nod to the history of the franchise and previous team colors.

As for the Knicks? According to Kings Twitter, it means wearing this:

Look, not everyone appreciates fashion, and the Kings’ Twitter account found an opening for Knicks slander before the game, taking a swipe at both New York and Louis Vuitton. To each their own.

And don’t worry, Knicks fans, the Knicks on MSG Twitter account stood up for the fashion slander:

For those not into designer clothes that cost thousands of dollars, that picture is not, in fact, the Knicks’ jerseys they will wear tonight (sorry), but a look at the latest from Virgil Abloh and Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2021 line. (It’s the New York City Skyline Puffer — and features buildings from other cities as well — if you’re looking to indulge yourself).

The Knicks’ actual City Edition jerseys are a little less hefty, read “City Never Sleeps,” and were made in a partnership with KITH:

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