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Knott County native’s newest single soaring up the country music charts

KNOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) – Relatively new to the music industry, Tyra Madison Short says her newest single was inspired by a friend’s struggle within a relationship.

“That’s kind of what sparked the song and then I wrote it in like two hours,” Short said.

The song, “Right Girl Wrong Time,” has reached record heights for Short…reaching fourth on the iTunes country music charts, right behind country A-listers Tim McGraw, Blake Shelton and Morgan Wallen.

Short said that the beauty of being an artist is the ability to express herself through songs.

“You can write about anything,” Short said. “It doesn’t have to be what you’re going through, you just tell a story no matter if it’s yours or not.”

After moving from Knott County to Nashville to further her career, Short said that step in her journey was a culture shock.

“I can go five minutes down the road to Walmart,” Short said. “Whereas living in Knott County, it’s like 30 minutes to Walmart.”

Even being four hours away in a different timezone, Short said the love she receives from back home helps her every day.

“You have your built-in support system through being from my hometown,” Short said.

As she looks to build her brand on social media, a number one slot on the charts and a record deal are both in her sights.

“Those are the goals,” Short said. “We’re reaching big here.”

You can download Short’s music on iTunes and Spotify as well as her various social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

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