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Music Production Coordinator – Episcopal News Service

Job Description:

The Music Production Coordinator (MPC) is a position requiring a mix of musical and technical skills to produce music and video for weekly live-streamed services and other church events while the church is unable to have in-person services due to COVID. They may also be called on to assist with the live-streams and advise the Rector on technical details that will enhance the online services.

The MPC is the liaison between the Rector and volunteer musicians. They will take direction on musical selections from the Rector and will help them realize their musical vision for each service by selecting and managing volunteer musicians in the church and assisting them to create music and video to be used in each service.

The ideal candidate will be able to record accompaniment tracks for hymns and anthems or be able to otherwise acquire such tracks from music libraries or by recording and producing music provided by volunteer instrumentalists. They will have access to St. Jude’s music library to distribute sheet music as necessary.

Skills required:

Must Have:

  • Detail-oriented with exceptional communication skills
  • Experience working with music and musicians
  • Ability to coordinate volunteers and set project deadlines
  • Ability to record, mix, and edit multi-track audio with audio recording and productionsoftware such as Pro Tools, Logic, Garage Band, Audacity, etc.
  • Ability to perform and record the piano and/or organ accompaniment to hymns, anthems,and service music
  • Ability to sync audio to video with video editing software such as Final Cut, AdobePremiere, iMovie, etc.


  • Able to assist with live-streaming technical support on Zoom and OBS, online or in-person.
  • Previous experience managing employees, volunteers, and/or projects
  • Ability to run the live-stream from the church sanctuary during services
  • Knowledge of liturgical/worship music
  • Knowledge of notation software to create and distribute sheet music if needed

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