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Grace Potter Sits Tied Up On The Beach In New Music Video For “Release”

Grace Potter Sits Tied Up On The Beach In New Music Video For “Release”

American singer-songwriter Grace Potter recently shared her brand-new music video for “Release” during a live stream premiere.

Directed by Catherine Fordham, the striking, impassioned clip finds Potter unbinding herself from the past and stepping into a brighter future. The video put into sequence the furious introspection and virulent individuality “Release” poignantly points out in song. Shots of crackling fire and encircling smoke is in concert with a ship breaching new shores while Potter, throughout it all, screams to the heavens in skyward grasslands her desire for the song’s namesake.

Potter offered some insight on the meaning of “Release” in a press statement, “I wrote ‘Release’ about letting go of grief & pain to forge a better way forward. It’s the most personal song I have ever written – but since I wrote it, it’s taken on a far more powerful meaning.  Everything changed this past year and never has a song felt more relevant or connected to the human experience as it does in this moment. We are all ready to heal. We’re all ready for a little release.”

Co-written by Potter and the late Mike Busbee, “Release” is the new single from her latest album, Daylight, which is nominated for Best Rock Album and Best Rock Performance at the upcoming 63rd Grammy Awards. Produced by Eric Valentine, the emotionally raw Daylight is a resilient rollercoaster of sparkling songwriting and unforgettable performances. The album was released in October of 2019 to wide acclaim by both fans and critics alike.

Potter formed Grace Potter and the Nocturnals in 2002. During the ongoing pandemic, she has not shied away from treating her fans to performances and has hosted frequent live streams online. She recently performed in a Twilight Hour live stream back in December. Over the summer, she teamed up with Jackson Browne, Marcus King, Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig in “Eachother.”

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