Saturday, June 12

Minnesota theaters, bowling alleys and other entertainment businesses cleared to open

“We’re still standing here and we get to finally reopen on Tuesday, and so that’s just a breath of fresh air right now for us,” Air Insanity owner Katrina Pulham said.

Being able to open to just 25 percent capacity is far from ideal, but it’s a start back in the right direction financially.

“It’s been a very, very tough struggle. It’s been tough on our associates. We’ve had to furlough a lot of people. We’ve had to lay off some people,” Marcus Theatres Executive Vice President Mark Gramz said.

For small business owners, this means a chance to at least bring in revenue to hopefully cover the bills, instead of dipping into savings. It also means they can once again provide an income for their employees.

“No one goes into business to just pay bills. As long as we’re helping our staff and we can help other people right now and we can just get back to doing that, at least I can sleep at night a little bit better knowing that my staff have food on their table and we can at least pay our bills,” Pulham said.

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