Tuesday, June 15

A brief explanation of the growing ‘Gorpcore’ fashion trend

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article which analyzes a growing fashion trend known as ‘Gorpcore’.

You’re not alone if you’ve never heard of it, but you just might be living it.

Gorp is a word used quite a bit south of the border. It’s an acronym for the “good ol’ raisins and peanuts” variety of trailmix.

Gorpcore is a fashion trend which sees urbanites donning outdoor gear, as if they’re about to hit the trail.

The WSJ describes it as “an outdoor-specific offshoot of the 2010s’ normcore trend,” and specifically cites North Vancouver brand Arc’teryx as playing a significant role in it.

“The defining gorpian image might be a photo of taciturn singer Frank Ocean trekking to a Paris fashion show in 2019 wearing a fitted, clementine-orange jacket by 159-year-old Swiss mountaineering brand Mammut and a greenish beanie from 32-year-old North Vancouver outdoor brand Arc’teryx, with bluejeans and hiking boots,” they write, continuing with “He looks as if he’s wandered off the Pacific Crest Trail and into the Tuileries.”

Step outside your home in Vancouver and you just might be immersed in a gorpian utopia, as the look is quite common here.

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