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Who has better stats in Free Fire?

Free Fire has emerged as one of the most played titles on the mobile platform, attracting masses worldwide. It has put up massive numbers and was also named Mobile Game of the Year at the recent Esports Awards 2020.

OP Vincenzo and Lokesh Gamer are some famous names in the Free Fire community. They have amassed huge numbers on their YouTube channels, with 4.95 million and 6.52 million subscribers, respectively.

This article compares both their stats in Free Fire.

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OP Vincenzo’s Free Fire ID and stats

His Free Fire ID is 437144862.

Lifetime stats

All-time stats
All-time stats

Vincenzo has competed in 19469 squad matches to date and has come out on top in 3410 occasions, having a win percentage of 17.51%. He has secured over 70k kills and has upheld a K/D ratio of 4.36.

He has 298 first-place finishes in 1706 duo games, equating to a win ratio of 17.46%. The YouTuber is just a few kills short of the 5000 mark and has a K/D ratio of 3.55.

The content creator has engaged in 1129 solo matches and has come out on top on 100 occasions with a win ratio of 8.85%. With 2814 kills, he has a K/D ratio of 2.73.

Ranked stats

Ranked stats
Ranked stats

The internet star has 105 appearances in squad games and has outplayed his foes in 11 of them, maintaining a win percentage of 10.47%. He has registered 363 kills at a K/D ratio of 3.86.

Lokesh Gamer’s Free Fire ID and stats.

His Free Fire ID is 220528068.

Lifetime stats

All-time stats
All-time stats

Lokesh Gamer has participated in 3209 squad matches and has bettered his foes in 688 of them, retaining a win ratio of 21.43%. He has eliminated 5892 foes and has upheld a K/D ratio of 2.34.

He has 142 Booyahs in 1478 duo games, which translates to a win rate of 9.60%. The YouTuber has bagged 2454 kills and has ensured a K/D ratio of 1.84.

The content creator has also played 1182 squad games and has remained unbeaten on 124 occasions, coming down to a win percentage of 10.49%. He has precisely 2100 frags with a K/D ratio of 1.98.

Ranked stats

Ranked stats
Ranked stats

The internet star has featured in 17 squad games in the ongoing ranked season and has emerged victorious in five matches, translating to a win rate of 29.41%. He has notched 52 kills and has retained a K/D ratio of 4.33.

The streamer has a single appearance in the solo matches but is yet to win a game or secure a victory.

Note: The stats in this article were recorded at the time of writing. They are subject to change as the content creators continue to play more games in Free Fire.


In the lifetime solo and squad matches, Lokesh Gamer has a higher win rate, while OP Vincenzo takes the lead in the K/D ratio. Vincenzo also has an edge in lifetime duo matches.

In the ongoing ranked season, it is impossible to compare the solo and duo stats as they haven’t played sufficient matches. In the squad mode, Lokesh Gamer has a superior K/D ratio and a better win rate.

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