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NG Foundation Inc: Music For Relief

“These individuals and their kind heart speak volume but understanding their hearts which led them into giving for the upliftment of Education in their respective motherland define growth. “Thanks Again” to everyone who has always supported us, as your gift to education is greatly appreciated,” the President added.

The mission of the NG Foundation is to use creativity as a means to increase learning and life skills for underprivileged kids and to enact change, by showing children that with tailored, engaging education, anything is possible.

Link to donated music –

OUR PROMISE – We promise to provide community programs, tutoring, and workshops in developing communities around the world that involves technology, music, and the visual arts for disadvantaged children. We aim to support academic success, promote community involvement, and inspire creativity while tackling hunger aggressively to the best of our ability.

  • Initially, plans were put in place to open the doors of the “Ngozi Foundation International School” (N.F.I.S) in February to the underprivileged kids in Nigeria, but due to the resurgence of the coronavirus, we have moved this date to September of 2021.

For more information – visit the NG Foundation’s website at or contact us by phone at +1 (404) 654-0157

About NG Foundation Inc 

NG Foundation Inc. is a non-profit organization that builds and manages schools in developing countries and provide relief where possible in the U.S.A and surrounding communities around the world. NG Foundation is a charitable organization as described in §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; EIN#: 83-2435382, registered in the state of Georgia.

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