Saturday, June 12

Weekly music lessons provide ‘dose of normalcy’ for Bridgeport students

An organization in Bridgeport is helping students turn into musicians.

Representatives of Bridgeport-based nonprofit KEYS say the joy of music can completely change a child’s life, and they weren’t going to let the pandemic keep that from happening.

KEYS has been offering free one-on-one music lessons to students in Bridgeport Public Schools. Within days of the shutdown in the spring, it brought the lessons online.

Founder Rob Silvan says music has always been a positive force in his students’ lives but adds the weekly dose of normalcy is more important than ever.

“The sound of my son playing the piano is the sound of hope,” he said. “It’s the sound that things are going OK in the world, that somehow things are staying normal. So that’s what a lot of these families get to experience.”

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