Tuesday, June 22

Great Quarter, Guys: Is custom fashion Amazon’s next breakthrough?

Andrew Cox and Seth Holm let you know the business news they care about during the North American Supply Chain Summit.

Coming to you live: You care or nah?

Uber Connect has expanded its package system to more cities, letting drivers deliver packages of less than 30 pounds and valued less than $100.

Uber will leverage its preexisting driver network to allow for short-time crosstown deliveries, and Holm cares, saying it is a huge market opportunity due to convenience. 

The Tesla Semi truck has been called a distraction by several critics, and Holm agrees at least for the near term. 

He believes focus is on investing in model 3s and Tesla’s influence in China; Cox says that it’s not a distraction and “fleets don’t seem to care about delays” that have come with the announcement of the trucks. 

Amazon has rolled out a “made for you” option, with its fashion division allowing people to customize T-shirts. 

Holm cares because he thinks this type of personal design could help limit waste in retail and ease up reverse logistics bottlenecks; Cox agrees with the positive impacts this could have on the supply chain, saying this is problem solving on the pre-transaction side of things instead of after the fact.

Flocking to the market

Cox and Holm introduced the company Flock Freight during the last episode of Great Quarter, Guys, and Justin Turner, head of sales at Flock Freight joins the show today. 

Turner says the idea behind Flock Freight is to optimize the less-than-truckload market by “carpooling” loads going to and from the same destinations. 

He says the optimal customer is someone who is struggling with efficiency of their LTL opportunities and wants a solution that is managed by a third party. 

Turner thinks the value of Flock Freight lives in “the large-volume LTL that some LTL carriers might not see as valuable to them,” calling the service complementary and hub-less to make the experience hands off but still optimal for companies.

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