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Fake PUBG Mobile India APK download links surface on the internet, can harm devices using viruses

PUBG Mobile has been one of the hot topics among mobile gamers for a while. The game got suspended in September, and fans have eagerly been waiting for the revival of their favorite battle royale title in the country.

It has been a month since the Indian version’s announcement was made by PUBG Corporation. Several positive developments in the form of teasers featuring Dynamo, Kronten, and Jonathan were subsequently released on social media platforms and the YouTube channel.

PUBG India then got registered as a private limited company.

But there have been no revelations about the game’s release date, which has left players displeased.

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Fake PUBG Mobile India APK download links surface online

After the announcement of the PUBG Mobile Indian version by PUBG Corporation on 12th November, several download links of this version’s APK files have surfaced on the internet.

One such Fake link
One such Fake link

The Indian version of the game is yet to be officially released by the developers, and it is evident that all such APK files circulating online are 100% fake.

Fake application on the Google Play Store
Fake application on the Google Play Store

Users must never download or install any such fake and illegitimate APK files under any circumstances. There are chances that it causes significant harm to the player’s devices and could be malware disguised as a fake APK file.

One such Fake link
One such Fake link

Sagar Thakur, aka Maxtern, a popular PUBG Mobile content creator, had claimed in a tweet that the Indian version of the game had been released for select Indian influencers. However, the servers aren’t up yet, and the YouTuber later deleted his tweets.

One such fake link
One such fake link

This month, there was news about a notification sent to the review team of Google Play Store. It talked about expediting the process of publishing the game as soon as the developers upload it.

With the latest developments, it appears that players will have to wait for some more time for the comeback of PUBG Mobile in India. They can follow the official social media handles to keep up with updates:

Instagram: Click here

Facebook: Click here

YouTube channel: Click here

Discord: Click here

Website: Click here

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