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IMPACT Wrestling ratings following AEW crossover episode

Last night, IMPACT Wrestling had a chance to catch a whole batch of new viewers with the appearance of AEW World Champion Kenny Omega. Don Callis revealed on AEW Dynamite last week that they’d be showing up on Tuesday night to explain their reasoning behind what had been dubbed the “Golden Screwjob.”

This wasn’t the first time IMPACT Wrestling posted record numbers this year. The build to Slammiversary this summer bolstered similar numbers, with fans eager to see what former WWE stars would be joining the company after being released on “Black Wednesday.” However, once viewers got a look at the Twitch viewership last night, it set in just how important the show really was.

The Twitch stream of IMPACT Wrestling, where most viewers go if they don’t have access to AXSTV, peaked around 52,469 by the time the final segment had finished.

A total 55,396 viewers had tuned into the stream, beating absolutely any previous records, as well as the usual Twitch viewership numbers ranging between 2,000-5,000 most Tuesday nights.

Their YouTube page also saw a massive spike as well, with IMPACT Wrestling posting the whole episode shortly after they went off the air. As of this writing, it sits at 220,000 views. The Kenny Omega and Don Callis segment featuring Josh Mathews did even better, managing to hit 275,000 and counting.

IMPACT Wrestling ratings skyrocket following Kenny Omega appearance

It wasn’t just Twitch and YouTube. This week’s episode hit 220,000 viewers in the 8 pm ET timeslot and drew .08 in the 18-49 demographic. Compared to last week, IMPACT Wrestling was up 54,000 viewers on cable, along with a .03 increase in the demo. They finished 96th-best for the night.

Adding in the record 52,469 viewers in the final segment, along with the extra 275,000+ views they got from YouTube this week, last night was a monumental moment for IMPACT Wrestling.

Hopefully, they’re able to keep a good chunk of those new viewers. Setting up the IMPACT Plus exclusive Final Resolution event this Saturday, they may have done enough to bring in new subscribers to that service as well.

There were a lot of new eyes on IMPACT Wrestling this week. With seeds being planted throughout the show and social media that more was to come between them and All Elite Wrestling, this may be the tipping point for IMPACT.

Published 10 Dec 2020, 06:07 IST

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