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Accessing jazz and improvised music

This conference will take place entirely online. All papers and lecture recitals need to be recorded in advance. Videofiles must be sent to by the deadline set out below. The Sydney Conservatorium of Music will stream conference sessions on June 5 and June 6, 2021. Zoom discussion rooms will be utilised for question and answer exchanges with conference presenters immediately following the streaming of their pre-recorded videos. Links to both the conference session streams and Zoom discussion rooms will be provided in the conference program.

Submission Process

We are accepting proposals for the following formats:

  • 20-minute research papers (10-minute Q&A)
  • 20-minute lecture recitals (10-minute Q&A)
  • 10-minute research papers (5-minute Q&A)  Note: We encourage post-graduate students in the early years of their candidature to nominate this format
  • Panel discussions (format can be negotiated with the Program Committee)

If you are interested in submitting a proposal for one of the formats outlined above, please submit as separate word.doc or .docx files, a 250-word abstract (with title) and a 100-word bio to We ask that you use the subject line “AJIRN 2021 Proposal” for this correspondence. Be sure to include in the body of your email a nominated presentation format (selected from the list above), a nominated sub-theme, and, if you are a postgraduate student, a note about the degree in which you are currently enrolled and your current candidature phase (new enrolment, mid-candidature, near completion etc.)

Proposals must be received by 7 February 2021. Consideration of proposals will be completed by 6 March 2021.

If you are accepted to present, we ask that you pre-record your presentation and submit your video file to by 15 May 2021. We cannot guarantee space in the program for any videos submitted after this date.

Concert Proposals

This year AJIRN will be curating a collection of 15-minute pre-recorded concerts thatwe will stream as part of our conference program. This concert stream will allow participants to collectively watch, applaud, and comment on the musical work taking place across our diverse communities of practice. If you are interested in having a pre-recorded performance streamed as part of the conference program, please submit a Vimeo or YouTube link of your performance to the curation team to Associate Professor Rob Burke and Dr Louise Denson via email: Please include with your link as separate Word .doc or.docx files a 200-word contextualisation of your performance that speaks to its musical innovations and a 100-word bio.

Concert proposals must be received by 7 February 2021.
Consideration of proposals will be completed by 6 March 2021.

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