Thursday, June 17

New technology partnership to support Dutch GPs

Two European healthtech providers have joined forces to expand the capacity and improve the experience of GP services in the Netherlands. Huisartsen van Nederland (HvNL) and Finland’s Klinik Healthcare Solutions have partnered to offer a suite of solutions that will consolidate primary care services. This will include an online, AI-supported 24/7 hour triaging system for patients.

The solution will be trialled by the partners in two practices in the Netherlands before being rolled-out to the wider Dutch market.


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HvNL aims to centralise primary care provision through its Artshuis service. Artshuis unifies individual GP practices under a single healthcare platform that utilises these shared resources to more efficiently divide tasks, improve care, reduce costs and combat workforce shortages.

The solution will include a Klinik technology-powered AI-informed triage and patient-flow management platform that will support the expansion of Dutch GP practices by up to 50% by redirecting patients to the appropriate specialist care providers and stymieing the increased pressure on primary care services. 

The Klinik triaging service will provide consistent information to patients across multiple GP practices. Already used by over 50% of the population in Finland and over one million patients in the UK, the highly regarded solution is being sold directly to Dutch GP practices by HvNL’s Hulparts.


As GP services have seen increased strain since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a swathe of new digital triaging services introduced across Europe to ease the pressure. These include Klinik’s own solution which has been rolled-out across the UK.

In the Netherlands, research suggests that, in spite of a growing demand for primary care services and an ageing population, there will be a 25% decrease in GPs in less populated areas by 2028.


HvNL CEO Charlotte van Sassen said of the venture: “Providing more integrated care is a real issue in the Netherlands, where less than four out of ten GPs are actively collaborating to provide care. We also know that more than half (54%) of Dutch GPs are not using digital health applications.”

She continued: “Working with Klinik, HvNL solutions will be able to provide more joined-up care for patients, whilst also enabling practices to increase capacity and provide the right level of care when they are under such clear pressure.”

Klinik’s CEO Petteri Hirvonen added: “Europe’s GPs are at the frontline of demand for care that is growing at exponential rates. Through our partnership with HvNL, we will provide the digital health solution that can give primary care professionals the toolkit they need to ensure the sustainable provision of high quality care. HvNL is a perfect partner for us because of its vast expertise, its insight into healthcare and its delivery processes, which makes primary care more effective for patients and professionals.”

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