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Paul Heyman comments on working with Liv Morgan

Paul Heyman discussed what it was like working with Liv Morgan in the most recent WWE Network documentary ‘Liv Forever’. The documentary covers Liv Morgan’s debut on RAW and the events leading up to it. It is here that Paul Heyman comes into the picture, as he was the one who saw the potential in Liv Morgan’s character.

Paul Heyman discussed what attracted him to Liv Morgan’s character and why he felt that she would be very relatable to the current generation of WWE fans. Heyman believes that it is Liv’s characteristic of not wanting to be ‘labeled’ that made her a unique and relatable character.

“What did I see in Liv Morgan? A confused kid who can’t find her way in life, that has dreams that are defined in her head that she can’t articulate or convey to her friends or the masses, but is chasing an indescribable dream that only she herself can truly understand. There are so many people out there just like that. My daughter is 18 and she always tells me, ‘stop trying to define me,’ and that’s what we, as an entertainment company, try to do. We try to define every character with absolute. Here is the exception that defines a rule because Liv can’t be defined and she doesn’t want to be. Because no one that age wants a label placed on them.” H/t Fightful

Paul Heyman is proud of what Liv Morgan has accomplished

Paul Heyman would go on to discuss the events that took place on the final episode of RAW in 2019. He described how he was very proud of what Liv Morgan and Lana had created. At this point in time, Paul Heyman and WWE Creative had injected Liv Morgan into the Lana and Bobby Lashley storyline. This storyline however received a lot of backlash. Nonetheless, Paul Heyman was proud.

“The ‘oohs and ahs,’ the twists and turns and as it plays out as well as it did and Liv and Lana delivering the way that they did, that’s a high that you get as a writer, director, producer, whatever the title is that is afforded in the genre of entertainment that, to this day, I haven’t been able to convey to anybody that hasn’t lived it themselves.” H/t Fightful

Despite all the criticism he has received, Paul Heyman does have an eye for talent, and he did for Liv Morgan. Liv Morgan is a WWE Superstar with loads of potential. Hopefully, there are others like Paul Heyman who will see that same potential and talent.

Published 30 Nov 2020, 18:26 IST

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