Tuesday, June 15

This Black Friday deal on Amazon Echo smart speakers is music to the ears

If you’ve had your eye on an Amazon Echo smart speaker but you’ve been waiting on the right time to buy, this Black Friday deal should not be overlooked. Amazon doesn’t often slash the prices of its Echo line of smart speakers, but right now the 4th-gen Echo, 4th-gen Echo Dot, and 3rd-gen Echo Dot are heavily discounted for Black Friday.

All of these Amazon Echo deals are on offer in the UK too and we’ve listed the prices for you below. 

Once you own a smart speaker, you can never go back. Not sure how much vanilla extract to dash into your pumpkin pie? Ask your Echo. Want to know how old Keanu Reeves is? Alexa’s got you covered. And of course, simply asking your Amazon Echo smart speaker to put on some Christmas tunes makes connecting your phone to a Bluetooth speaker feel downright primitive.

Amazon’s smart speakers come in two different variants: the full-size Echo and the pint-sized Echo Dot. Both are on sale for Black Friday right now, but the differences between the two speakers are stark. We won’t get into the technical mumbo jumbo here, but basically it boils down to each speaker serving different purposes.

The Echo is a full-size speaker with a dynamic, rich audio output, making it perfect for listening to music. The Echo Dot, on the other hand, sounds a bit thin in comparison. While it’s an adequate speaker for music in smaller, more intimate settings, you wouldn’t want the Echo Dot to be the only available speaker at a party (remember parties?). For that reason, if you already have a decent sound system and you’re just looking for something to read you off recipes, the more-affordable Echo Dot should more than meet your needs.

You’ll notice the 3rd generation Echo Dot doesn’t have the same spherical design as the 4th generation speakers, and as such its output sounds a bit less clear. That’s why, if you aren’t planning to use your smart speaker for music much, the $19 3rd-gen Echo Dot could be the sweet spot you’re looking for. Otherwise, invest another $10 and get the 4th generation Echo Dot. But if you’re really looking for something make your music sound as lovely as possible, the full-size Echo is really your only option here.

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