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The Women’s Football Show: The risks of heading within the game | Football News

The Women’s Football Show returns on Friday night on Sky Sports Football with heading the topic for debate.

Sue Smith opens up on experiences of heading the ball, saying it feels like “your brain wobbling inside your head” depending on where a player makes contact on their head with the ball.

Dr. Michael Grey from the University of East Anglia discusses the connection between football headers and dementia or brain trauma.

Using comparisons with many other sports, Dr Grey talks about the suggestions being made to make head contact in the sport safer, along with the research required – especially as women are considered at higher risk of injuries to the brain in the long term.

Speaking on the show, Dr Grey says: “There’s a reason why boxers try to hit the chin – the reason they do is to try to spin the head – it’s actually the rotation that makes the biggest difference.

“We frequently hear things like I head the ball and then I see stars or I become a little foggy. Those are signs that there’s damage occurring.”

Smith and Jess Creighton are presenting the show and are joined by former West Ham manager Matt Beard.

Beard discusses his departure from the club, his illustrious career and how women’s football has grown during his time with clubs here and in the United States.

Watch The Women’s Football Show on Friday from 6pm on Sky Sports Football.

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