Thursday, April 22

Bedside Table: True story about a politician who turned politics on its head

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“I am currently reading “Huey Long” by T. Harry Williams, a book about the man that President Franklin Roosevelt called, ‘the second most dangerous man in America (General MacArthur was the first).’ Governor of Louisiana and then U.S. Senator, Long remains one of the most extraordinary and controversial figures in U. S. political history. Had he not been assassinated, he quite possibly could have been elected president. He did a great deal of good for the state and the people of Louisiana, but he broke most all the rules of politics and a few laws in doing so. Half the state loved him and half despised him. I wanted to know all about this person from a then backward state who once stood American politics on its head. The book won both the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award. — DAN POSSUMATO, Brunswick

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