Monday, April 19

Ertugrul star Ozman Sirgood delights young fans with appearance at US school

Turkish-American actor Ozman Sirgood delights dozens of students as he meets them at Orange Crescent School in California. — Instagram/ozmansirgood

Turkish-American actor Ozman Sirgood — known for his role in the wildly popular Netflix series Diriliş: Ertuğrul — delighted dozens of students on Wednesday as he met them at Orange Crescent School in California.

Sirgood plays the role of Ibn Arabi, a renowned 13th-century Islamic scholar.

The students had all gathered at the school entrance to greet him, carrying a Turkish flag and dressed up as their favourite characters from the drama.

“Event at Orange Crescent School in California. Lots of love for Dirilis in the USA,” he wrote while sharing a video of the interaction on Instagram.

Ertugrul is massively popular in Pakistan and has gained a lot of traction with the youth ever since it starting airing on Pakistan Television — translated from Turkish to Urdu — on the directives of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

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