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The Undertaker shares an interesting real-life bar incident involving WWE Hall of Famers

Throughout his legendary WWE career, The Undertaker has been a major backstage influence. Naturally, The Deadman also has a few fascinating backstage stories up his sleeves. During his interview with Ariel Helwani recently, Undertaker shared one particular incident.

When asked to share a story regarding wrestler’s court, The Undertaker recalled an incident involving JBL, Ron Simmons, and Dustin Rhodes. The Phenom noted that back in the day WWF Superstars didn’t earn a fat paycheck and weren’t even sure if they were going to make enough to pay a mortgage. Regardless, JBL and Simmons, known as APA, were kind enough to buy drinks for Dustin Rhodes one evening.

“We had a couple of guys who were out in a bar and we’re talking about a time when guys didn’t know if they were gonna be able to make their mortgage payments. I mean, that’s how lean it was. But, we had a couple of guys and they were at the bar, and then another wrestler came up and you know, they’re buying shots of whiskey and drinks and they’re having a good time in spite of everything.”

The Undertaker revealed that Rhodes wasted his shot of whiskey instead of drinking or passing up on his drink. The incident eventually led his peers to ban the current AEW star from going out to clubs and partying for a while.

“The guy that comes up is taking his shot of whiskey and instead of just saying ‘no’ and passing, you know, so every time they’re doing a shot, he’s throwing his over his shoulder. I mean, if you’re not gonna not gonna drink just say, ‘No, I’m good’. But these guys are paying hard-earned money that they really didn’t have and you got a guy throwing his over his shoulder because he didn’t wanna get drunk or get messed up and he got caught and he got and he got brought up on charges. Obviously, he had to pay the judge off and he was banned from going out to any clubs or any bars for a while.”

Here is The Undertaker’s full interview with Ariel Helwani:

The Undertaker’s next WWE appearance

The Undertaker will appear this week at the Survivor Series 2020. The event will mark his 30th anniversary in the business and act as his final farewell.

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Published 19 Nov 2020, 05:41 IST

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