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Analysis: Would Biden tap Cuomo for national post? | Politics

Scheinkopf and others all emphasize they have no idea what Cuomo desires for his future, nor can they discern the plans of the incoming president. But Cuomo’s outsized presence on the national stage, his prominent role in combating the Covid-19 pandemic, and his close relationship with Biden all combine to fuel speculation.

Some observers say the former state attorney general would prove a good fit running the Justice Department in one of the capital’s major Cabinet posts. Still others envision Cuomo as a potential chief of staff (several reports say Ron Klain, the former vice-presidential chief of staff has the inside track), filling the presidential gatekeeper role that demands his “tough as nails” approach.

“I would hate to see him leave New York State, but I can envision him as chief of staff to the president of the United States,” said former Mayor Anthony M. Masiello. “He’s very smart, a workaholic, and he’s not afraid to say ‘no.’

“But a fourth term is a challenge he’d relish, too,” he added.

Buffalo’s current mayor, Byron W. Brown, served as Cuomo’s chairman of the state Democratic Party, and has been privy to much of the governor’s political deliberations. He believes Cuomo should merit such consideration.

“In my many conversations with him he’s never looked beyond his duties as governor,” Brown said. “But public service is very important to the governor. He would look at this through the lens of, ‘Where do I do the most good for the most people?’ “

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