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‘A Sentimental Journey’: The music of a WWII Air Force band, rediscovered, remastered and released | History

“It was like seeing my grandpa for the first time (when hearing it). I wish I’d appreciated it more when I was younger,” Burt said. “Maybe that is part of my relentless drive to make this project successful for him and the band.”

“The driving force behind this project, from a personal standpoint, has always been my way to contribute to my grandpa’s musical legacy,” Burt said. “He was a music teacher, performed with symphony orchestras, and graduated from Juilliard so music was a big deal in our family.”

“I was the jock in the family and was never forced to pick up an instrument or read music, so musically, I was never going to contribute anything. This was something I could do, as a historian,” Burt continued. “The project has also always been a way to thank those who served in WWII, as well as the military musicians who had the job of boosting morale for the service men and women.”

Jason Burt knew that there were other songs that existed on the recordings his grandfather owned besides the two he had listened to, but he had never heard them until March of this year.

Other songs recorded by the 746th include “Let’s Begin,” “Perdido,” “I’ll Remember April,” “If You Are But A Dream,” “Long Ago (And Far Away),” “East of the Moon (West of the Sun),” “Tea for Two,” and “Moonglow.” The music on the “Sentimental Journey” album is about 33 minutes. Some songs have vocals by a talented singer in the band.

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