Sunday, June 20

HIMSSCast: How COVID-19 and telehealth are changing the physician workforce

In today’s HIMSSCast we’re once again looking at the COVID-19 telehealth boom, but this time through the lens of staffing and workforce. Host Jonah Comstock and MobiHealthNews Managing Editor Laura Lovett are joined by Michelle Davey, CEO of Wheel, to discuss how a rise in virtual care is changing how physicians work.

This episode is brought to you by AmWell.

Talking points:

  • What Wheel does.
  • How telemedicine is changing the physician workforce.
  • The telemedicine learning curve.
  • How much of the workforce is doing telemedicine now?
  • Telemedicine and physician burnout.
  • The role of virtual care post-pandemic.
  • Benefits of telehealth beyond patient care.
  • The future of telemedicine and virtual care.


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