Monday, June 14

Joe Biden’s security increases as he inches closer to victory, obtains lead in Pennsylvania

Former US vice president Joe Biden speaks at an event. Photo: AFP

Democrat Joe Biden has inched closer to a win in what is being termed as the most tense US presidential election in recent history, by obtaining the lead in the Pennsylvania polls. Secret Service agents have increased their protective bubble around the Democrat nominee.

More ballots are yet to be counted, but shortly before 1400 GMT, CNN and The New York Times reported that Biden had moved ahead of incumbent President Donald Trump by more than 5,500 votes.

Biden currently has at least 253 electoral votes.

Biden is also currently in the lead in key states Georgia and Nevada.

Earlier today, for the first time, Biden also took the lead in the key state of Georgia which carries 16 votes in the electoral college.

AFP citing CNN and Fox News reported that former vice president ate away at President Donald Trump’s initial lead in the southern state and is now ahead by 917 votes.

Trump had won Georgia by five percentage points in 2016.

The world’s attention has been focused on the states of Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada, where extremely tight races between the two presidential candidates have prevented the declaration of anyone as a winner yet.

Likewise in Pennsylvania, a key state with 20 electoral college votes, Trump’s early lead has been whittled down to a mere 0.3 points margin over Biden with many votes yet to be counted.

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