Friday, June 18

Tonesbox Social reaches 100k+ users

Social network Website ‘Tonesbox’ have reached 100k+ users within 1 week. The Website have been trying so hard to get more users to patronize it social network especially when giants as Facebook and Twitter are in competition.

The website have also a competitor ‘Google’ since it uses advertising and it will be a race on spear to catch up with all this competitors. The success of the new users have guaranteed that it will start getting more Website traffic soon.

Most of the users are still learning how to use the website as it has incomplete profiles and less posts. The new users according to analysis will use Tonesbox on a 35% basis while the website still encourage more users to sign up.

Newer sign ups will see the website grow faster and develop more features as android application, and more of available. The Website will be accepting advertising also that can grow with it new users from companies willing to advertise or individuals. It ads rate range from NGN0.01 per view to NGN0.05 per click and it is not seeing any rise soon.

You can sign up here


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