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How to unlock a free COD Mobile weapon camo and other cosmetics on Pawntakespawn

The Call of Duty community was once again set on a wild goose chase of an easter egg hunt on This website has been home to multiple teasers regarding Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. There have been multiplayer easter eggs along with Zombies and Campaign. Overall, the experience has been tiresome for the community but the rewards have been great.

Speaking of rewards, the final chapter in Pawntakespawn ended today and to celebrate, Activision is giving out free items across the franchise. You can unlock free cosmetics for Black Ops Cold War, Modern Warfare and Warzone, and COD Mobile. Today, we’ll be focusing on the COD Mobile rewards but if you follow the steps provided you’ll unlock the other games’ items as well.

Unlocking free items in COD Mobile

There’s really not anything special required for you to do in order to receive the rewards. First, you need to visit the Pawntakespawn website, which you can do here.

Next, you’ll be greeted with a log-in screen. If you’ve been on the website before, you’ll most likely have an email and password already set up. However, if you havent’ simply press ‘Sign Up’ and go through the process. You’ll need to confirm your email before proceeding.

Image via Pawntakespawn
Image via Pawntakespawn

After all of that has been completed, log-in with your email and you’ll be taken to a page where a passcode is required. You need to enter the following code in the box to ensure you receive the rewards: 1PIECES9IN8PLAY1.

Image via Pawntakespawn
Image via Pawntakespawn

Once you do that, hit enter, and you’ll see a play button. Hit that icon and a video will begin playing that gives you some intel about the Black Ops Cold War Campaign. While that’s playing, a notification should pop up that says “All Achievements unlocked”. Click that notification and you’ll see the rewards screen. Simply enter your COD Mobile information and the redemption code and the rewards will be waiting for you in your mailbox the next time you log in.

Something to note: when the redemption page asks for your UID, go to your COD Mobile account, click on your name in the top left, and then navigate to your profile. Directly under your gamertag should be the long UID code that you need to enter into the redemption website.

Image via Activision
Image via Activision

For COD Mobile specifically, you’ll unlock a Frame, Calling Card, Spray, Avatar, and weapon camo – River Raid – for the BY15 shotgun. Put them to good use!

Published 30 Oct 2020, 06:13 IST

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