Friday, June 18

Henry Junior Ogar looses NGN490 to Internet thieves

Founder and intending CEO of Tonesbox have lost NGN 490 to internet thieves after contacting Also rock presidential villa seeking for NGN 23 Trillion project of Arch Angel Henry Records entertainment organization.

The intended CEO of new social network Website have confirmed that he lost NGN490 to Internet thieves without notifications. The account where the money disappeared was from his GUARANTY TRUST BANK account. Henry Junior Ogar have also concluded that scammers and internet thieves are following him

In 2011 I was duped off over NGN90,000, in 2016-17 I was duped of NGN1500. I have also notice some items were missing from my apartment and thieves made away with some items. This has alerted me to be more security consious.

Just few months after I sent a letter to Presidential villa and NNPC to President Muhammad Buhari I have been a victim of internet criminals and fraudulent individuals on the internet. The bank I operate with have also shown no response before I halted my account to avoid further theft on it.

The issue however will be handled by visiting a bank branch to know the details of my banking. I am unhappy with the way banking operations is carried out in Nigeria because everyone has to visit the bank for updating accounts and more. The worse of it is poor security it following up Cyber theft. I think and feel banks should have a way of sending their customers messages for transactions done from teller points stating who they sent money to and also add such details to their statements of account not just a plain message with paper details.

My Facebook account seem to have also been hacked as I can’t login or request new password details. I feel insecured but I wi come over it as it is being thought of.


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