Friday, June 25

Melania Trump body double conspiracy theory takes over the internet

Melania Trump boards Marine One with husband Donald Trump. Photo: Twitter

In a recent picture, US President Donald Trump can be seen boarding the Marine One aircraft. However, the internet seems convinced it’s “Fake Melania” — a body double of the First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS).

For the unversed, a popular “Fake Melania” conspiracy theory has earned much traction on the internet for a few years now. The theory claims that US President Donald Trump has another woman — identical in features, obviously — that stands in for his wife, Melania Trump at public places.

A recent picture of Melania and Trump triggered the rumours once again on social media. The first lady can be seen in a picture getting aboard the Marine One aircraft en route Nashville for the debate with Joe Biden.

The picture was taken last week on Thursday but the internet thinks that instead of Melania, it’s her body double standing behind the US president. Her smile in the picture, which looks a bit different from how the first lady usually flashes a smile, is what ignited curiosity on the matter.

US President Trump has debunked the #FakeMelania controversy in the past when in March 2019, he took to Twitter and slammed political opponents for photoshopping pictures of his wife.

We are sure the internet has it wrong and that definitely is Melania Trump. However, who doesn’t love to read and comment on a good internet conspiracy theory every now and then?

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