Sunday, June 13

Steelers make a virtual fashion show sizzle

“I would have to go with Joe Haden as most fashionable on the team,” said Dupree. “I say Joe Haden just because first and foremost he has a long bank account. Second because he is in Los Angeles all offseason and he is around fashion. He looks like a guy who is into fashion. He is always putting it on. He is always putting his swag to another level.

“I think my swag is real low key, laidback type. Not too much attention, but I am still getting the job done in a way. I am out of the way, but not in the way.”

It was back to the field where Kiya Tomlin’s Game Day Collection was featured, with models showing off incredible combinations to wear black and gold in the most stylish of ways.

For anyone who attended Rock Steelers Style in 2019, one of the highlights was a lip sync battle between Zach Banner and Terrell Edmunds. Banner was interviewed by WDVE’s Bill Crawford to talk about last year’s performance and a new one.

This year, lip syncing returned with an absolutely amazing version of Renegade, with current and former players joining in and former linebacker LaMarr Woodley definitely taking it to the next level. The best part of it was, the players did their own videos, just given a little direction on it.

“The biggest challenge to doing it virtually was not being hands on and not being able to help everybody personally,” said Greta Rooney. “We had to hand the scene to them and ask them to make it happen and send it back. We couldn’t be hands on. But I am so impressed with the response, Joe Haden opening his closet and making the auction happen. LaMarr Woodley saying I will do the Renegade video and doing it. We didn’t do it. We suggested it, they made it happen. That was the challenge. But it wasn’t a challenge because of the willingness of them to help out.

“They made it happen and put their real taste on it because they were directing it. We gave them the idea, but they created it.”

Players dancing on the stage has always been a staple of Rock Steelers Style and that wasn’t missing. This time, though, the dancing was on the field, courtesy of touchdown celebrations and pregame introductions magically meshed together.

Dupree and Smith-Schuster did a fashion show of their own, showing off the latest from the Steelers Pro Shop while judging each other’s looks.

“I think you can show off your swag virtually by making sure the camera angle is always the best. The camera angle has to be the best. You have to have elite camera angles,” said Dupree. “The swag has to be extra crispy. Make sure the flash on the camera is on. Show your drip a little more. There is more time. You’re going to feel yourself a little more because the camera – you don’t have too many people really watching you and you are kind of in your own mode.”

Getting to know the rookies was the next step, with photos from them through the years and wearing their Steelers jerseys shared along with fun facts.

“It was fun,” said Greta Rooney. “All the work you put into it, and to reach out and let them know the history behind the show. It’s nationwide. That is why we called it far and wide.”

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