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Big E reveals why he’s hesitant to switch to a more “serious” character

There has been a lot of talk about Big E changing his character. WWE’s plans for Big E as a singles star were made clear when they separated the trio for the first time in six years when Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods were drafted to SmackDown while Big E was drafted to RAW.

Speaking to FOX Sports, Big E explained why he’s skeptical about returning to a serious character:

But for me to suddenly revert to 2012/2013 me, I’ve already done that. It really wasn’t that enjoyable. To me, being serious is an absence of character, as opposed to adding another layer to my character. I think there will be times where I need to be more serious, and I’ll show that. I’ll show an intensity that I think a lot of people can’t really show or portray. 

Big E also admitted that he doesn’t want to lose what made him special, but stated that it ultimately depends on the situation:

But, in the same vein, I don’t want to lose what made me special, what made me unique. Because I feel like you’re gonna find powerhouses who are taller, who are bigger, who are faster, who can do things that I can’t do, but I don’t think you can find another Big E. 

What kind of character does Big E need to adapt?

Big E will eventually have to make a character adjustment. Bayley is the perfect example of how the evolution of a character is necessary to stay relevant in WWE. She has found her biggest career success in the last year since changing her character.

While Big E maybe hesitant at first, a transition to a new character might be inevitable at one point. There’s simply so much potential and so much to do with his character as a singles star.

Being the goofy New Day member will ultimately only get him so far.

Published 24 Oct 2020, 06:28 IST

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