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PAF’s ‘Parwaaz Hai Junoon’ first Pakistani film to be released in China after 40 years

CGTN journalist Shen Shiwei said ‘Parwaaz Hai Junoon’ features “JF-17, a fourth-generation fighter jointly developed by #China and #Pakistan”. IMDb/via The News

KARACHI: Hamza Ali Abbasi-starrer Parwaaz Hai Junoon will debut in China on November 13, shortly before the 70-year anniversary of the day when Pakistan and its key ally established diplomatic relations.

The aerial combat-war film, with a touch of romance, honours the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) and the pilots who put their lives at risk to protect the country’s citizens.

According to CGTN journalist Shen Shiwei, the Haseeb Hassan-directed movie features “JF-17, a fourth-generation fighter jointly developed by #China and #Pakistan”.

Shen told The News that the flick would be distributed by China Film Co. Ltd. and that the Chinese-language trailer mentions that Parwaaz Hai Junoon is made by Beijing’s “Pakistani iron brother Air Force”.

With regard to the business the film is expected to churn out, he said a better understanding would be once it debuts in China.

Abbasi, the lead actor, also spoke on the development, saying he was “grateful to Allah that i got to be a part of the 1st Pakistani Film to be released in China after 40 yrs”.

The actor also shared the Chinese language trailer of Parwaaz Hai Junoon.

The movie — featuring Ahad Raza Mir and Hania Amir as well — becomes the first one from Pakistan to be screened in mainland China.

In a statement issued earlier this year, the Chinese Embassy in Islamabad said the debut of Parwaaz Hai Junoon in Beijing was one of the “16 local-to-local partnerships” to promote local cooperation between the two friendly nations.

According to Global Times, the agreement to bring the Pakistani air force film to China “was signed in April 2019 at a China-Pakistan economic and trade cooperation forum during the second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation”.

Parwaaz Hai Junoon “tells the story of a group of young patriotic cadets who become the best fighter pilots in Pakistan after experiencing all kinds of challenges and hardships”, the publication wrote, adding that Chinese citizens lauded the move on social media websites.

“The movie also focuses on the growth of female pilots. One Pakistani woman in the film gives up a life of luxury and overcomes many difficulties through the power of love and finally achieves her dream to become a pilot of the JF-17 fighter jet,” it added.

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